Mama Crystal Fish Ball (Tobiko) 240g


Weight: 240g

Pieces: 10Pcs

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However, I can provide some general information about fish balls and tobiko:

  1. Mama Crystal Fish Ball: Mama Crystal Fish Ball is a brand of fish ball product. Fish balls are a type of processed seafood made from ground fish meat, typically mixed with starch, seasonings, and sometimes other ingredients. They are formed into small, round or oval shapes and are commonly used in Asian cuisine, particularly in soups, hot pot dishes, or as a standalone appetizer.

  2. Tobiko: Tobiko refers to the roe (eggs) of flying fish. It is a popular ingredient in Japanese cuisine, often used as a garnish or topping for sushi, sashimi, or other seafood dishes. Tobiko has a crunchy texture and a distinctive flavor. It is typically small, bright orange in color, and adds a burst of color and taste to dishes.

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