Eaca Prepared Squid 300g


Weight: 300g

Carton: 50Pkt

Product Name: Ocean's Elegance Prepared Squid


Discover the convenience and taste of Ocean's Elegance Prepared Squid. Our high-quality squid is carefully selected and prepared, allowing you to enjoy this oceanic delicacy with ease and comfort in your own kitchen.

Our squid is harvested from the cleanest, most sustainable marine environments, preserving the premium quality and taste that seafood lovers crave. Each squid is cleaned, cut, and flash-frozen soon after capture to retain its fresh, sea-kissed flavor and tender, chewy texture.

Ocean's Elegance Prepared Squid is a versatile and convenient ingredient for a variety of dishes. From grilling to frying, baking, or adding to a hearty stew, it will bring a unique flavor and texture to your culinary creations.

Committed to providing the best in seafood, our prepared squid is free from artificial preservatives and additives, giving you a pure, healthy, and delightful seafood product.

Product Features:

  1. Harvested from Clean, Sustainable Marine Environments
  2. Cleaned, Cut, and Flash-Frozen for Freshness
  3. Versatile Ingredient for Various Dishes
  4. Free from Artificial Preservatives and Additives
  5. Delivers Unique Flavor and Texture
  6. Ethically Sourced and Responsibly Harvested

Enjoy the taste of fresh squid without the preparation hassle with Ocean's Elegance Prepared Squid. It's a taste of the sea at your convenience!

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