My Daun Prawn Paste


Weight: 130g

Carton: 20Pkt

Product Name: My Daun Prawn Paste

Description: My Daun Prawn Paste is a high-quality condiment made from a blend of prawns, herbs, spices, garlic, shallots, chili, and other flavorings. It is known for its rich umami and seafood flavor, which adds depth and complexity to a variety of dishes.


  1. Authentic Flavor: My Daun Prawn Paste captures the authentic taste of prawns, providing a distinct umami and seafood flavor to your dishes.
  2. Versatile Usage: This paste can be used as a marinade, seasoning, or sauce base for various seafood, meat, vegetable, stir-fry, and soup dishes.
  3. High-Quality Ingredients: The paste is made from carefully selected prawns, combined with aromatic herbs, spices, and other natural ingredients to ensure a rich and delicious flavor.
  4. Easy to Use: Simply coat your desired ingredients with the paste and let it marinate for a while to infuse the flavors. It can be used in a wide range of cooking methods, such as grilling, stir-frying, or steaming.
  5. Enhances Taste: My Daun Prawn Paste enhances the taste of your dishes, adding depth, complexity, and a delightful seafood twist.
  6. Convenient Packaging: The paste comes in a convenient and resealable packaging, allowing for easy storage and maintaining the freshness of the product.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Apply My Daun Prawn Paste evenly to your desired ingredients and let it marinate for a recommended amount of time to enhance the flavors.
  2. Cook your dish using your preferred method, such as grilling, stir-frying, steaming, or incorporating it into sauces and soups.
  3. Adjust the quantity of the paste based on your personal taste preference.

Storage Instructions: Store My Daun Prawn Paste in a cool and dry place. Once opened, refrigerate the paste to maintain its freshness and flavor.

Note: Please refer to the specific packaging or manufacturer's instructions for detailed usage and storage recommendations.

Enjoy the rich and authentic flavor of My Daun Prawn Paste in your culinary creations, and elevate your dishes with its delightful seafood essence. #MyDaunPrawnPaste #UmamiFlavor #SeafoodCondiment #VersatileIngredient #AuthenticTaste

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